Residential Buildings

New Residential Buildings

  • This includes single family home, duplexes, town homes, fourplexes,  low rise and high rise residential and condominium complexes.

  • Structural, Mechanical (HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting) and Electrical packages for multi-family residential buildings.

  • Extensive experience in steel, concrete as well as wood designs.

  • Doing structural analysis and stamped structural drawings for super structure as well as foundations. 

  • Using local codes and standards to analyze and design floor systems, columns and foundations for various types of buildings.

  • Standard structural packages for residential single family homes, duplexes, town homes, etc. This includes the following:

  1. Tall wall design – stair wall and Front entrance

  2.  Garage foundation detail

  3. Stair wall reinforcement detail

  4. Lateral bracing detail

  5. 9’ foundation wall detail

  6. Deck piles design

  7. Window reinforcement detail

  8. Manufactured stone letter 

  9. Mechanical repair wall letter 

  • Field Review Services

  1. Form work inspections

  2. Reinforcing rebars inspection for high rise towers

  3. Timber and structural steel site reviews

Residential Buildings in Service

  • Professional engineering inspections for potential property buyers or sellers to make sure your new investments are sound and that there are no hidden issues behind the scenes whether in the foundations, structural system, roof etc.

  • Structural appraisals and assessments for existing structures.

  • Engineering drawings package for residential renovations for development permits and rehabilitation purposes.

  • Structural renovations appraisal for development permits and rehabilitation purposes. This includes:​

  1. Egress basement window appraisal

  2. Main floor bearing wall replacement with beam and posts

  3. Concrete foundation cracks repair recommendations

  4. Deck shelter assessment 

  5. Appraisal of sun room

  6. House extensions for an existing property

  7. Assessment of moving of basement teleposts

  8. Basement entrance appraisal

  9. Assessment of existing residential extensions

  10. Garage framing and foundation appraisal

  11. Concrete swimming pool appraisal

  12. Deck layout and foundation appraisal

  13. Structural deficiencies reports for insurance purposes

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