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Using 3D Modeling For Better Project Communication

Hingeneering Consulting was hired by Kandrea Insulation and Scaffolding to provide engineering services for an exsiting warehouse upgrades and additions. The project is located at Worley in East of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As the building was pretty old, there was no as-built drawings to start with. We had to use a very old permit drawings from more than 30 years. Our site visit was more surprising as we found out on site that the existing facility was already modified and updated two times after the original permit drawings was issued. Below is snap shots of existing ware house photos.

So in order to start the engineering scope, we had to build our as-built model. Kandrea Insulation and Scaffolding crew did a great job to get us the as-built dimensions. After many back and forth trials, we managed to build our 3D model to better communicate the scope of work to our client. The 3D model helped us better connect the different components together. Between the exising facility and the new additions, the 3D model facilitate the understanding of the whole project. The project was successfully delivered and under construction.

The project is under construction, the foundations and steel skid framing is completed as shown below.

The link for the project is:

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