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The Story Behind the High Rise in Edmonton, AB

In February 2018, HINGENEERING is hired by Glotman Simpon Consulting Engineers, based in Vancouver, to provide construction supervision services regarding the reinforced concrete for the new proposed high rise at the intersection of Jasper Avenue and 95th Street in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. For more than 15 months of work, HINGENEERING carried out the site inspections from pouring the concrete retaining wall at parkade level 3 to the very top concrete slab at the roof (level 26). Some of the challenges of the site inspections was the core foundations, which included a large number of steel rebars (11 layers at the bottom reinforcement and 5 layers at the top reinforcement). Moreover, the transfer slab at level 3 which was 1.2 meter thick and included also a large number of reinforcing rebars.

In this project, the challenges was not limited to the complexity of the work and meeting the schedules, pouring concrete in a busy downtown city is quite difficult and requires traffic routing and reducing the surrounding streets to one lane in addition to the hard work of the traffic accommodation crew to make sure all the vehicles are aware about the road activities.

Providing construction supervision in all seasons was quite tricky; avoid too much rain in spring and summer seasons important for concrete curing, while wind, snow and freezing rain was a totally different challenge in the fall and winter. 

It was a great experience for all of us to work in such great project. In 15 May 2019,

HINGENEERING concluded its services as the high rise structural skeleton is now complete.

At the end, we would like to congratulate the developer and the general contractor CIDEX Group for that major project milestone. We like to thank Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers for their trust in our capabilities and and we are looking forward to working with them in future projects. It was also great working with Espira Engineering (the geotechnical consultant) and NORR Architects. Below, is the snap shots for the project after completion. 

Photos are copyrighted to HINGENEERING

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