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Panel discussion about consulting engineering

Dr. Ahmed Farag, the founder of Hingeneering participated in the Consulting Engineering panel discussion at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. The Next Level Talks initiative as part of the Engineering Students' Society at the University of Alberta hosted the event at the Donadeo Innovation Center for Engineering Building in 4th October 2018. During the panel, Dr. Farag tried to explain the consulting engineering challenges as a field that tackles the complex multi faceted problems of today. Undergraduate and graduate engineering students actively engaged in the discussion, many questions were answered during the session. This included if Consulting is just the field for students and what steps are needed to be taking NOW to get into this field in the future. 

Other questions were also answered included our most recent projects as below:

1. Tell us about the project you most recently worked on.

2. What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

4. Where is the most interesting place your work has taken you?

5. What has been your most difficult day on the job so far?

6. What was your best day on the job?

7. What is the one thing you learned in school that has been the most helpful in your career as an Engineering Consultant? What other skills did you develop in university that aid you the most in your career?

8. What skill do you wish you had developed more while in school? What skill do you think students should develop when they are in school if they are interested in a career as an Engineering Consultant?

9. Are there any extracurricular activities you participated in while in school that helped you develop above said skills?

It was a great evening and we were extremely happy to be part of that panel. Photos of the event, credit to the Engineering Students' Society for taking these great photos

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