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Hingeneering Consulting at NAIT

On Monday, April, 24th 2017, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Farag from Hingeneering Consulting delivered a guest speaker at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton, Alberta, introducing the structural engineering requirements for small buildings and housing as illustrated by Alberta Building Code 2014 and National Building Code of Canada. Thanks to the School of Applied Sciences and Technology for the invitation. It was great chance to share practical small buildings projects with the NAIT students. 

In the lecture, Dr. Farag emphasized the main subsections in Part 9 of the Alberta Building Code 2014, where the applicability of that part, and illustrating that most of the housing buildings falls under this category except for the multi-story condominiums complexes more that 600 m2. The various types of material used in small buildings was introduced; the concrete with its aggregates, main design mixes, the minimum compressive strengths in various concrete components (footings, foundation walls, slab on grade, garage pads, etc.). The precautions about pouring concrete in cold temperatures as well as the effect of placing concrete in contact with sulphate soil. The material portion also outlined the various lumber components used in the structural system of the small buildings and/or housing. The lecture also covered the basic design loads including live loads, snow load, rain load for small buildings and the deflection limit states for various structural components. The design soil bearing pressure was introduced for foundations structural design. 

For more details about the lecture, or if you want Hingeneering Consulting to deliver a similar lecture about small buildings or else, please email us at or call 780.707.7408

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