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Hingeneering Consulting Annual Review May 2017


In May 2014, we started our company in Edmonton, AB. At that time, HINGENEERING Consulting business plan was originally focused in conducting structural engineering services for the oil and gas sector only. May 2017 marks the third anniversary of HINGENEERING Consulting. It is now time to reflect about how we developed our business throughout the past three years and to compare the reality with the originally planned. In this article, we will highlight our accomplishments, projects, clients, our next steps and finally our recent updates.


Despite the fact that the original business plan written in April 2014 was directed only on the oil and gas, HINGENEERING Consulting managed to be flexible enough to withstand the strong hit of the low oil prices and diversify its engineering services to include residential and commercial buildings. In the past three years, HINGENEERING Consulting provided structural engineering services for many projects involved across the province in Alberta.

In January 2016, Hingeneering Consulting managed to add to its workforce a group of talented and experienced team members for other engineering services such as: geotechnical engineering, process/environmental engineering, mechanical engineering (HVAC and plumbing) as well as electrical engineering.

The company website was launched in October 2014. Since that time, it undergoes continuous development with always updating it with the scope of services, as well as the recent projects. In January 2016, the company got its linkedin page:


During the past three years, HINGENEERING Consulting completed 21 projects in 2014, 96 projects in 2015, 114 projects in 2016 and up 40 projects till May 2017. A great proportion of the completed projects was in the residential and commercial buildings, whether new construction or renovation projects. Having said that, Hingeneering Consulting was privileged to participate in Edmonton Arena project, Ranchlands Elementary School, many steel self framed buildings, Forthills project, Rosedale Power Plant Upgrading project in addition to many commercial projects

Clients Satisfaction

Our commitment to the excellence of the projects allowed our clients to keep using our services and to refer more clients. Our portfolio of clients ranges from medium size engineering consulting, construction contractors in addition to owners and investors.

What is Next

Our plan for the future is to keep working in the commercial and industrial projects. We started to connect with major oil and gas operators for inspection and maintenance services. We are doing our best  to connect with major construction companies and renovation contractors. The company will also expand its scope of services to get infrastructures and industrial projects.

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