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Do you need to apply for development permit for your planned spring renovation?

Do you need to apply for development Permit for your planned spring renovation?


In this time of the year, many home owners are getting ready for the renovation season of their respective properties. This is officially kicks off in the spring time. In this article, we will focus on the various types of structural renovations/assessment which will require development permit from the cities or counties, where the residential properties locate.

Residential Structural Renovations

The following residential structural renovations will require informing the city or the county and application for development permit.

  1. Main floor bearing wall replacement

  2. Opening or replacement of basement Egress window appraisal

  3. Concrete wall foundations repairs

  4. Deck foundation layout

  5. Deck shelter and sunroom assessment

  6. House extensions for an existing property

  7. Moving of basement teleposts

  8. Addition of new basement entrance

  9. Garage framing and foundation appraisal (bigger than 576 square feet)

  10. Additions of concrete swimming pool in residential properties

The above list is the most commonly known structural renovations. As a rule of thumb, you will need development permit if you plan to remove /modify/replace any of the structural components in the residential house.

Who to Consult

Home owners and construction contractors should consult structural engineers to discuss their renovation ideas and to find out the feasibility and the adequacy of these structural renovations.

For the city or county to approve the development permit, structural engineering drawings and/or reports will be required to be included in the permit. The reason behind that is to make sure that the prospective renovation had been assessed by a professional engineer and he provided the required recommendations to the contractors.

Moreover, the home owners and construction should get in touch with their local municipalities to be aware about the required and proper documentation required to apply for developing permit.

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