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City of Edmonton Permits

Updated: Oct 17, 2020


The City issues a wide range of permits which include:

•Development/Building permits

•Mechanical permits

•Lot structural changes permits

•Emergency permits

•Safety permits

•Utility Line Assignment (ULA) Permits

2-Development Permit

Issued using the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw. They are required when the construction is for a new building, there will be changes done to the exterior of an existing building or construction will result in a change of use, like constructing a secondary suite within an existing single family home.

•A development permit approves the use, the size and location of any buildings or structures.

•Must be obtained for new construction, renovations, businesses, and changes of use to existing buildings.

•A development permit is written approval from the City that your plans are in accordance to the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw regulations.

•You are required to have a valid development permit before you can apply for a building permit.

•A development permit may also be subject to conditions, such as a requirement to pay for a sewer or roadway assessment, used to finance larger shared infrastructure that will benefit the property. 

3-Building Permit

Issued after the detailed construction drawings are reviewed to ensure they meet standards set in the Alberta Building Code. You can buy a complete copy of the Alberta Building Code through Alberta Municipal Affairs.

4-Combination Permit

Permits that are issued that have both the Development Permit and Building Permit together on the same job, e.g. building an uncovered deck, detached garage, etc.

5-New Single Family House Combination Permit

Permit for new house construction that combines a number of different types of permits, including mechanical and electrical permits, that would be required to build a new single family house onto one application, and collects all of the fees on one job.

6-Mechanical Permit

1.Permits that are applied for to cover Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning work or Plumbing or Gas work.

2.Mechanical permits are not included in the Building Permit. The mechanical permits are applied for separately, except for the construction of a new single family home or a new semi-detached home.

7-Electrical Permit

The electrical permit must be applied for separately, except for the construction of a new single family home or new semi-detached home. 

Note: The content is summarized from the city of Edmonton website

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