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Oil and Gas/Industrial 

Worley Warehouse Upgrades, Edmonton, Alberta (April 2022)

Kandrea Insulation and Scaffolding hired Hingeneering to provide structural engineering services for Worley Warehouse modifications and upgrades located at the East Side of Edmonton, Alberta. The scope of work includes the structural assessment of the warehouse of size 5000 square feet to be capable for a new extension at the east side of the existing facility. 

Structural Dynamics Analysis of Compressor Frame, California, Berkely (May 2021)

Hingeneering conducted the dynamic analysis and resonance check for compressor skid for an oil and gas company in California, United States. The scope of work included the investigation of the modal analysis and natural frequency for compressor steel frame along with the mechanical components. Then a proposal for the structural steel reinforcement was presented after running the modal analysis and natural frequency prediction to confirm that there is no more resonance in the mechanical/structural system. and to mitigate the excessive vibrations induced.

H2S Storage Tank Expansion Project, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta (October 2019)

Concrete Foundations for Two Tanks, Slave Lake, Alberta (September 2019)

Tiger Calcium has hired Hingeneering to provide the structural analysis and design for footings of two ranks in their plant in Slave Lake, the construction and commissioning of the tanks were completed in September 2019. The side photos show the drone footage during the construction.

Impeller Lifting Jig, Fort McMurray, Alberta (April 2019)

Every time and then, we have been asked by our clients to design stuff that we don't do it on a daily basis. The shown Impeller Lifting Jig is one of them, which will be used by one of Canada Biggest Oil Producers in Fort McMurray, AB. We did the steel connections designs, fabrication and assembly drawings and finally the cut sheets. ​