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Oil and Gas/Industrial

Oil and Gas Onshore Facilities

  • Engineering Services for:

  1. Skid package for pump, compressor, fan, and generator unit

  2. Machine foundation and vibration analysis for industrial packages: gas compressors, pressure vessels, pump stations, etc.

  3. ​Pipe racks and piping supports

  4. Structural steel analysis and detailed shop and fabrication drawings.

  5. Steel connections design

  6. Sleeper concrete foundation design

  7. Structural dynamic analysis for industrial facilities

  8. ​Self Framed Buildings using cold formed sections

  9. Elasto plastic 

  • Niche Engineering Services for:            

  1. Elasto plastic FEA (Finite Element Analysis) of pipelines, pressurized vessels, and components.

  2. Design and fatigue assessment using FEA of steel structures according to ASME BPVC VIII

  3. Crack propagation using Extended finite element modelling (XFEM)

  4. Dynamic FEA analysis of structures

  5. Analysis of elbows

  6. Assessment of Pipeline dents, Crack Propagation and Buckling: in brittle and ductile.

  • Prepare Reports for:

  1. Forensic engineering for structural failures

  2. Structural dynamic assessments 

  3. Facilities upgrade feasibility studies 

  4. Structural integrity assessment, rehabilitation and structural reliability solutions of oil and gas facilities in service

  5. Site investigation, assessment reports and rehabilitation procedures.

  6. Fatigue life reliability improvement techniques for critical steel connections onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities

  7. Assessment of facilities performance by using structural health monitoring


Offshore Facilities

  • Structural steel analysis and detailed shop and fabrication drawings.

  • Fatigue Corrosion assessments for facilities

  • Dynamic analysis

  • Assessment of the structural reliability of offshore platforms 

  • Structural analysis and design

  • Resonance and structural dynamics control.

  • Providing technical support for Structural Integrity and Rehabilitation for corrosion, fatigue in offshore structures.

  • Fatigue life assessment for critical joints and methods to increase their service lives

Pipeline Engineering Services

  • Engineering for onshore and offshore pipelines.

  • Develop “Pipeline Integrity Management System” (PIMS) for existing pipelines

  • Structural integrity management for pipelines in service.

  • Risk analysis studies.

  • Resonance and structural dynamics control.

  •  Fatigue cracks assessment for onshore pipelines

  • ​Technical support for structural Integrity and rehabilitation from corrosion or fatigue in oil and gas pipelines

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