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Highway Bridges 

North East Anthony Henday Drive Highway Bridge, AB


During the period between May 2012 and Feb 2013, Dr. Farag (Hingeneering Consulting Owner) joined Buckland & Taylor team in Edmonton and participated in the analysis and design of substructure for South Fraser Perimeter Road Highway Bridge with total budget cost $658 million (British Columbia) and North East Anthony Henday Drive Highway Bridge (Alberta) with total budget of the project of $1.81 billion.Buckland and Taylor Ltd, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


As a member of the project team, he used to coordinate with other engineers by conducting weekly meetings to review the work schedule, the obstacles in design, discuss the project deliverables schedule and client requirements and if any conflicts need to be discussed.


He also modeled different truck load using CSI-Bridge software and in-house spread sheets to find maximum reactions on bridge abutments and piers. Deep foundations and grade beam design of bridge reinforced abutments by adopting different load combinations from the bridge super structure were also accomplished.

Regular Inspections for bridges in North Central and Peace Regions for Alberta Transportation, AB,

Dr. Farag participated as a project engineer with AMEC Infrastructures in Edmonton, AB in the summers of 2009, 2010 and 2010.


The role involved the site supervision of bridge inspections using ultrasonic testing, corrosion predictions and other mechanical damages in the steel bridges including dents, nicks that might be potential crack initiation sites.


Moreover, the scope included the participation in site safety meeting to identify and reporting potential hazards at each bridge.


The final product was the preparation of fifty inspection reports for steel bridges located in North Central and Peace regions in the province of Alberta.

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